The Psychedelic News Feed

April 1st, 2024

This is a special version of our Psychedelic News Feed to mark April 1st, 2024. 

Coming Soon: Interdimensional Patent Tracker

Our friends at Calyx Law are involved in the first US patent application from a transdimensional being. Given the field-defining technologies described in this patent application, we are working with Calyx Law to create our latest free resource: the Interdimensional Patent Tracker.


Angermayer et al.’s Enhanced Games Forced to Abandon Ketamine-Assisted Pentathlon (KAP) Due to Frequency of Toilet Breaks (Apr 1)

A day-long LSD-assisted cycle event, Bicycle Day, will replace the ill-fated KAP discipline.

Federal Agencies Urged to Lace Water Coolers with LSD in Productivity Push (Apr 1)

After two rounds of redundancies, a crack team of McKinsey consultants has made a somewhat unorthodox recommendation to federal agencies: LSD-assisted bureaucracy. A pilot program will be carried out at DMV offices.

Florida Man Arrested for Spraying Dune: Part 2 Audience with Magic Mushroom Spores While Yelling, “Power Over Spice Is Power Over All.” (Apr 1)

Mycopreneur’s Dennis Walker Unveils Line of Psychedelic Speedos (Apr 1)

Trump’s “God Bless the USA Bible” Adds Addendum with Passages from “The Immortality Key” (Apr 1)


Drug Developer Skips the Trip Entirely, Unveils Deuterium-Assisted Psychotherapy Candidate (Apr 1)

Initial reports describe the experience, though lacking psychedelics characteristic subjective effects, as heavy” and “somewhat unstable”, but “noticeably patentable”.

Company Receives Notice of Allowance for U.S. Patent Covering Crystalline Polymorphs of Water (Apr 1)

The company announced the claims cover its lead candidate, Polymorph Eau.


NEW: Janet Yellen’s Fungi Cookbook, Magical Meals. Fresh from a trip to Beijing, Yellen shares some of her favourite magical meals. 

NEW: How to Change Your Mime, Michael Pollan. Fresh from a trip to the continent, Pollan takes on the final frontier of ineffability: mime. 


Psychedelic Alpha Announces Receipt of Lawsuit from Pharma Co. (Apr 1)

The complaint alleges repeated failures to both capitalise and append ® to SPRAVATO®.

Pα+ Subscriber Benefit: Psychedelic Drug Development Pipeline Dartboard Coming Soon (Apr 1)

Sling darts at your favourite psychedelic drug candidates!


Rythmia Q1 Results Disappoint (Apr 1)

One of the company’s key KPIs, Guest Miracle Rate, Drops to 91%.

MDM8: The New Party Drug from the Land Down Under That Has Taken the Country by Storm (Apr 1)

All over America, youths have been heard uttering “nar with their mates on the way to brekkie at Macca’s.

Happy April Fool's Day!