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Colorado’s Draft Natural Medicine Rules: Full Breakdown & Commentary

Vicente LLP provides a full breakdown of the first set of draft rules regarding Colorado’s regulated psychedelics program. The thirty-nine pages of draft rules cover facilitator licensing and training programs, representing months of work by the Natural Medicine Advisory Board and state regulators.

The Library

Through our years of reporting we have covered many of the topics we believe to be important to the present and future of the psychedelics space, broadly defined. However, much of this commentary is scattered across Bulletins, deep dives, special reports and year-end reviews.

The Library provides digestible explainers on salient topics across psychedelic drug development, policy and business: from basic explainers such as “what is psychedelic-assisted therapy?” through to more complex matters such as REMS programs and bifurcated scheduling.

It’s exclusively available to our Pα+ subscribers, with new content added regularly.

Pα+ Library: Bifurcated Scheduling

Pα+ Library: we introduce some of the key concepts in the matter of bifurcated scheduling; a process by which an approved drug product may be placed in a different schedule to the substance itself. As we discuss in this piece, this could have significant repercussions for psychedelic research, legality, and even taxes.

Pα+ Library: Psychedelic REMS

Pα+ Library: we sketch out what a psychedelic REMS might look like, highlighting how these programs could have an outsized impact on the post-approval delivery and accessibility of these treatments.

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