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CB Therapeutics Closes on Oversubscribed Series A

  • CB Therapeutics raises Series A round with re.Mind Capital and accelerates its manufacturing and research of cannabinoids, tryptamines, and other therapeutics.
  • Christian Angermayer joins as Advisor; the board of directors expands with additions of Dr. Srinivas Rao, CSO of Atai Life Sciences; Dr. Jeff Miller, CEO of Invivoscribe; and Jan Hardorp, Founding Partner at re.Mind Capital.
  • CB Therapeutics is building the largest collection of biosynthetic tryptamines, cannabinoids, and their analogs, the PsyVault™.

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–CB Therapeutics Inc., the leading synthetic biology company focused on the development and biosynthetic production of existing and novel tryptamines and cannabinoids, is pleased to announce that it has closed an oversubscribed Series A funding round, filled entirely by re.Mind Capital, a fund launched by the psychedelics kingmaker, Christian Angermayer within Apeiron, his family office.

CB Therapeutics develops synthetic biology solutions to address mental health issues and increase healthspan. Its proprietary cellular agriculture platform enables next generation biosynthetic production of cannabinoids and psychedelic medicines and their analogs to further clinical research for various serious health conditions. The natural synergy between re.Mind Capital, a group which funds impactful companies developing solutions for the global mental health crisis, and CB Therapeutics, will lead to breakthroughs in innovating and supplying therapeutic molecules to the nutraceutical market and clinical researchers.

In addition to the closing of its Series A, CB Therapeutics welcomes Christian Angermeyer as Advisor, along with three new members to its board of directors, which now consists of Dr. Srinivas Rao, CSO of Atai Life Sciences; Dr. Jeff Miller, CEO of Invivoscribe; Jan Hardorp, Founding Partner at re.Mind Capital; and the founders of CB Therapeutics, Sher Ali Butt, CEO, and Dr. Jacob Vogan, CSO. The expanded board and the members’ decades of biotech and clinical expertise will enable CB Therapeutics to excel and innovate in competitive global biotechnology and mental health markets.

“Words can’t express how excited we are to work alongside Christian, Apeiron, re.Mind, and the extended family of companies, as we believe this is hands-down the best group of investors and partners to work with in this industry,” said Sher Ali Butt, CEO of CB Therapeutics. “In fact, even more than the funding itself, the most exciting bits are working with Christian as our new Advisor, the re.Mind Capital team, and our awesome new board of directors. With this new funding, advisors, and the board, we aim to be the leading biotechnology company for the biosynthesis of tryptamines, cannabinoids, and their analogs.”

“This fresh round of funding for CB Therapeutics will allow us to rapidly accelerate our scaled up manufacturing and sale of cannabinoids and tryptamines,” said Dr. Jacob Vogan, CSO of CB Therapeutics. “We’re also very excited to have re.Mind Capital backing us as we expand our PsyVault™, the largest collection of biosynthetic cannabinoids, tryptamines, and other psychedelic molecules which have fantastic therapeutic potential.”

About CB Therapeutics

CB Therapeutics, Inc., located in San Diego, California, is a leading biotechnology companyfocusing on the innovative production of tryptamines, cannabinoids, and their analogs. CB Therapeutics’ expertise in synthetic genomics, bio-engineering and cellular production processes can produce a broad range of phytochemicals faster, more sustainably, at greater yields and with higher purity, consistency and efficiency than competitive platforms. The CB Therapeutics platform can not only make the active compounds and phytochemicals that occur naturally, but by using enzymatic processes CB Therapeutics has been able to create bio-identical compounds as well as their analogs. These analog compounds may prove to be more effective, targeted and safer for therapeutic purposes.

About re.Mind Capital

re.Mind Capital is the mental health VC arm of serial entrepreneur and investor Christian Angermayer and his family office Apeiron Investment Group. We seek out companies with innovative and highly impactful solutions to our global mental health crisis.