You are currently viewing Pα+ Psychedelic Patent Analysis: February 2024

Pα+ Psychedelic Patent Analysis: February 2024

In this issue of the Psychedelic Patent Analysis, we look at IP and exclusivity in MDMA drug development across Lykos, atai, MindMed, Arcadia, and PharmAla. We also look at Terran’s allowed claims to certain psilocybin solid forms.

General Overview

We added 22 PCTs and 21 US patent applications focused on psychedelics to our tracker in February 2024. New entries came from the likes of Johns Hopkins, Transcend Therapeutics, Gilgamesh, Mindset Pharma, Yale University, and more. You can explore these new additions and updates via the interactive tables in this post.

Patenting MDMA, its Enantiomers and Mixtures Thereof

As Lykos Therapeutics (formerly MAPS PBC) inches closer to the August 11th PDUFA date for its MDMA candidate, a number of potential competitors continue to progress through development. While some, like Terran Biosciences, are working to be fast followers, others, like atai, MindMed, Arcadia, and PharmAla, are working to innovate and bring new competitive APIs to market that iterate and improve upon MDMA. As we discuss below, these include enantiomers, non-racemic mixtures, and new prodrugs, each with their own potential commercial and therapeutic advantages.

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