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As one of the earliest drug discovery companies in the psychedelics space, CaaMTech has already synthesized and characterized a vast library of novel molecules. Headquartered in Issaquah, WA—a suburb of Seattle nestled in a scenic valley—the company has a global footprint through psychedelic research collaborations with several research centres, including one of Germany’s Leibniz Institutes.

I really like what we’ve done building out CaaMTech’s prodrug development program: we’ve addressed the disadvantages of older prodrugs like psilocybin and created a large class of new compounds that improve on their properties across the board.

Exclusive Interview

Our editor-at-large and registered patent attorney Graham Pechenik spoke to Chadeayne about his firm’s plans for the future, including their latest announcement of an expanded research collaboration with Dr. Manke at UMass Dartmouth.


US20190142851A1  | Compositions comprising a psilocybin derivative and a cannabinoid

Priority Date: 2017-11-16  | Pending in US

General Subject Matter: Purified psilocybin derivatives combined with a cannabinoid

US20180221396A1  | Compositions and methods comprising a psilocybin derivative

Priority Date: 2017-02-09  |  Status: Pending in US

General Subject Matter: Purified psilocybin derivatives, some together with cannabinoids and terpenes, for treatment of psychological disorders

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