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Mind Medicine (MindMed) Inc. is a public company seeking to apply psychedelics to societal problems including anxiety, ADHD, cluster headaches and addiction.

The Company has a number of trials underway, on which it generally collaborates with University Hospital Basel’s Liechti Lab. These include a ‘candyflipping’ trial that seeks to understand whether combined dosing of MDMA and LSD could mitigate bad trips, as well as studies into Psilocybin.

In September 2020, shortly after Compass Pathway’s $147m IPO, MindMed announced their application to uplist to the NASDAQ.

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Exclusive Interview

We spoke to JR Rahn, Co-Founder, Director & Co-CEO of MindMed. We asked JR about his Company’s clinical trials, how COVID-19 has affected their operations, and their plans for the future. 

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