Stock warrants afford their holder the right to purchase a company’s stock at a specified price (the exercise price) before the expiration date, subject to acceleration clauses. Warrants are often issued via private placements.

Investors and analysts may seek to gain an overview of the quantity, exercise price and expiration dates of warrants in a given market or related to a particular company. We noticed that warrant data had not yet been compiled for the psychedelic sector, so created this resource…

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* Codebase intends to consolidate its outstanding options and warrants on a ratio of ten (10) to one (1), with the result that each consolidated option and warrant will entitle the holder to acquire one Share at an exercise price of ten (10) times its original exercise price.

Important Note

Due to the nature of this emergent industry, which includes a high number of reverse takeovers and fundraising routes, the information contained on this page should be treated as indicative estimates only. The information has been collected by Psilocybin Alpha on a best-efforts basis using company filings, corporate communications, and in some cases verification through discussion with Company officers. As with all of our information and resources, it should not be used to arrive at investment decisions. Some dates may have been rounded and/or approximated.

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