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Exclusively-Natural Psychedelic Pharma Company, Filament Health, Lists on the NEO Exchange

TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–NEO is pleased to welcome Vancouver-based Filament Health Corp. (“Filament”), an exclusively-natural psychedelic drug discovery and extraction technology company, to the NEO Exchange. Filament began trading today under the symbol FH.

With a robust and innovative IP portfolio, accomplished management team, in-house GMP manufacturing capabilities, and a Health Canada psilocybin Dealer’s License, Filament is focused on addressing the current mental health crisis.

“Listing on NEO, a senior exchange with high governance requirements, helps to establish Filament as a leader in the psychedelics industry,” remarked Filament CEO, Benjamin Lightburn. “NEO has proven to be a strong and supportive partner to innovative companies like Filament. The capital access made possible by this going-public transaction allows us to further our mission of getting safe, natural psychedelics into the hands of everyone who needs them, as soon as possible.”

Investors can trade shares of FH through their usual investment channels, including discount brokerage platforms and full-service dealers.

“Filament’s debut on the NEO Exchange marks our fifth corporate listing in the psychedelics space,” noted Jos Schmitt, President and CEO. “Between both of our companies, we share a relentless pursuit of innovation, and NEO is thrilled to welcome a fellow disruptor to our ranks. Filament will benefit from the many advantages of being listed on a Tier 1 stock exchange, including unparalleled service and support, increased access to institutional investors, and enhanced transparency and quality of trading. We look forward to showing the world that NEO is the place to be for industry-defining companies in the innovation economy.”

Filament’s debut on the NEO Exchange follows other recent issuers in the psychedelics industry including Awakn Life Sciences Corp., Mydecine Innovations Group, Cybin Inc., and MindMed, the world’s first-ever psychedelics company to go public.

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About Filament Health Corp.

Filament is an exclusively-natural psychedelic drug discovery and extraction technology company. Its mission is to see safe, approved, natural psychedelics in the hands of everyone who needs them as soon as possible. Filament believes measurable and efficacious medicines will be a catalyst to addressing many of the world’s mental health problems and that natural psychedelics provide an optimal option for widespread adoption of these substances. Filament engages in natural extraction technology and commercialization, utilizing its intellectual property portfolio, in-house good manufacturing practices capabilities, and a Health Canada psilocybin Dealer’s License. Filament is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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