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Interview with CaaMTech

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CaaMTech is focused on engineering psychedelic drugs that meet the rigorous standards of modern medicine.

We pitched the CaaMTech team some questions about their progress and future plans, as well as some broader questions about the psychedelic medicine space…

PA: Can you give us a brief overview of CaaMTech?

CaaMTech: CaaMTech is the foremost drug discovery and lead optimization company focused on engineering psychedelic drugs that meet the standards of modern medicine. CaaMTech is improving the health and happiness of humankind by creating and optimizing psychedelic compounds and formulations through rigorous science and continuous innovation.

PA: Jon Cooper, former Exec at Canopy Growth, joined your board in February. How will his experience in the cannabis industry inform your own operations?

CaaMTech: Jon entered the cannabis industry with ebbu at a similar, early stage in the industry’s growth. Under his leadership, ebbu was successfully able to navigate the tumultuous market, regulatory and financial waters of a booming industry. We believe that Jon will be able to provide first-hand, experience-based advice and direction when we encounter similar complex challenges with psychedelics. 

PA: On a related note: how will the impact of psychedelics on people’s lives differ to that of the cannabis industry?

CaaMTech: In a traditional sense, cannabis users tend to use cannabis more frequently than psychedelics and it tends to exist in people’s lives on a day-to-day basis, whereas psychedelics have been used to occasion a deeper, longer lasting effect. But this seems to be changing with the increased popularity of microdosing, so what consumers will prefer in the end and how it impacts them really remains to be seen. But what we have learned for certain from cannabis is that consumers expect to know (and have a right to know) exactly what they are putting into their bodies and how much for both safety and efficacy reasons.

PA: What would you say to those looking to invest in this emerging space?

CaaMTech: Don’t take investment advice from strangers on the internet. 

PA: What do you think is lacking in the public discourse surrounding psychedelics?

CaaMTech: An adequate basis of publicly-accessible scientific information. This has rapidly improved for psilocybin, but we’re way behind on even basic science for the myriad other psychedelics that people are already consuming every single day. To anyone looking for opportunities to contribute to this space: there is an incredible amount of basic, non-clinical science to be done. 

PA: A lot of our readers are looking to invest in the space, but there are few public companies. Do you have any plans to go public?

CaaMTech: CaaMTech has no plans to go public at this time. 

PA: How has/will COVID-19 affect your operations and growth?

CaaMTech: Our team members have mostly been able to continue their work as usual from home. However, some of our laboratories have been temporarily closed or are operating at a reduced capacity. Unfortunately this has slowed our ability to produce new laboratory data. Producing real, laboratory results and resultant scientific contributions is our favorite thing to do. But improving the health and happiness of humankind is our primary objective, and right now this is how we can do our part. Fortunately, we’ve been able to shift the lab focus to the enormous amount of raw information we have to work with, formalizing results and findings, and planning future lab work. 

PA: To finish on a positive note: what are you most excited about for CaaMTech’s future?

CaaMTech: CaaMTech is helping to lay the scientific groundwork for the psychedelics industry. We’re most excited for ourselves and others to build on that work to improve the lives of billions of people. 


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