You are currently viewing Numinus US OTC Ticker: LKYSF (Previously LKYSD)

Numinus US OTC Ticker: LKYSF (Previously LKYSD)

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The below was written on the morning of Numinus’ listing. Since that date, there have been a number of developments.

If you’re reaching this article and are trying to work out the current OTC ticker for Numinus, it’s now LKYSF.

UPDATE: Some clients are able to make pre-market orders for LKYSD on brokerages including E-Trade. Visit our live page here.

Ahead of today’s listing on the TSXV, many investors in the psychedelic space have sought to understand how those residing outside of Canada can enter a position in NUMI. We have been closely monitoring the situation while acknowledging that concrete information is sparse.

One arm of our active monitoring involves contacting brokerages to understand whether US and European investors will be able to access TSXV stocks, and specifically new listings. To this end we spoke to key brokerages in the United States and Europe, including Fidelity, TD Ameritrade, and Interactive Brokers. However, we received no firm answers, with Fidelity, for example, suggesting that customers may be able to route an order for NUMI on the TSXV via the phone.

The second aspect of our active monitoring regards the prospect of an OTC stock which trades in the United States, a practice common among almost all psychedelic stocks (e.g., MMED has MMEDF as an OTC ticker). We expect this to happen for Numinus, however there is no suggestion of when it may be available for trading or what the ticker may look like.

While this still remains the case, in the early hours of Wednesday 20th May, we noticed an exciting development.

Numinus US OTC ticker
The LKYSD symbol change registered on the 20th May, at

The Corporate Actions area of the OTC Markets Group Inc. website catalogues changes to offerings, such as splits, deletions, and symbol changes.

We noticed that the symbol LKYSD was catalogued as undergoing a reverse split, with shares decreased by 1 for 2 split. The Company Name is registered as NUMINUS WELLNESS INC.

LKYSD served as the US OTC ticker for Rojo Resources Ltd, the company that Numinus has conducted the reverse takeover with, so this is not necessarily a surprising development.

Rojo Resources US OTC changes to Numinus Wellbeing
This row shows the name change for LKYSD on 20th May, at

You can view the LKYSD page on OTC Markets here, though there is not much to see for the moment. Note that the Company Profile tab contains information about Lucky Strike Resources Ltd., which is now out-of-date.

Numinus Wellness LKYSD

Do note that it is uncertain when, and even if, this US OTC ticker will trade publicly. At the moment, it is in Grey Market status. NUMI could adopt a different OTC ticker altogether. Some brokerages show LKYSF, which was formerly an OTC offering for Rojo Resources. However, it is likely that this ticker will change to LKYSD prior to trading.