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Octarine Bio announces the expansion of its Scientific Advisory Board

Octarine Bio ApS (“Octarine” or “the company”), a synthetic biology company developing biosynthetic platforms to accelerate the development of cannabinoid and psychedelic therapeutics is pleased to announce the expansion of its Scientific Advisory Board (SAB).

After raising $3.2M USD in its latest funding round Octarine is on a path of rapid growth, building a world leading biosynthetic platform to develop cannabinoid and psychedelic therapeutics. To help the company navigate through its expansion, Octarine is thrilled to bring on new members to its SAB, which now consists of:

Prof. Birger Lindberg-Møller: Professor of Plant Biochemistry, Head of the Center for Synthetic Biology at Copenhagen University and world-renowned expert in biochemistry and synthetic biology.

Prof. Jo Neill: Professor of Psychopharmacology at the University of Manchester and Chair of the Medical Psychedelics Working Group for Drug Science. Jo has many years’ experience working in preclinical drug discovery for psychiatry and is now focused on psychedelic medicine.

Dr Henrik Klitgaard: Former Vice President and Fellow within New Medicines at the Biopharmaceutical company UCB and expert in drug development for Epilepsy.

Dr Claire Foldi: Research Fellow at the Biomedicine Discovery Institute at Monash University specializing in the development of pre-clinical models for neuropsychiatric conditions including Anorexia Nervosa.

“As Octarine advances its drug discovery programs through pre-clinical and clinical development, it’s vital for us to have a diverse background of scientific expertise we can call on to guide us through this process” said Nick Milne, PhD, Co-founder and CSO at Octarine. “We are humbled that such highly-respected and world-renowned experts believe in our mission and have agreed to join us. We look forward to using their wealth of knowledge and expertise in the future”.

Expansion of Octarine’s board comes as the company continues to advance its cannabinoid glycoside program through pre-clinical testing. These proprietary drug candidates have already demonstrated impressive improvements in solubility, bioavailability and stability, and the company expects to announce results from pre-clinical animal studies later this year. The company is also making good progress in scaling its biosynthetic psychedelic production platform. The company has successfully demonstrated efficient production of a wide range of natural and novel psychedelics and is on track to initiate scale-up manufacturing and clinical programs.

About Octarine
Octarine’s mission is to solve our greatest health challenges by enabling innovative cannabinoid and psychedelic therapeutics. Many neurological and psychological conditions are poorly served by current drugs, leaving physicians, patients, and their families desperately seeking alternative therapies, sometimes illegally. Cannabinoids and psychedelics are poised to offer breakthrough therapies for these debilitating conditions, but to realize the full potential of these molecules, issues with their production and undesirable properties must first be solved.

Octarine is perfecting a biological approach to producing improved & novel cannabinoid and psychedelic molecules with tailored modes-of-action. Our proprietary technology combines synthetic biology, yeast fermentation and enzymatic derivatization to develop IP protected drug candidates that are validated in pre-clinical models.

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