You are currently viewing Pα+ Psychedelic Bulletin #149: Worldwide Psychedelic Policy Developments

Pα+ Psychedelic Bulletin #149: Worldwide Psychedelic Policy Developments

At over 5,000 words, this policy-focused Psychedelic Bulletin dives deep into a number of recent events including inaugural hearings in the U.S. House, subcommittee meetings and forums, as well as the publication of reports and key changes to major psychedelic policy reform efforts.

This issue’s contents:

  • California: TREAT Retreats and Wiener Regroups, While Psilocybin Decrim. Initiative Continues Collecting Signatures
  • Veterans’ Affairs Subcommittee on Health Discusses Psychedelics
  • Canadian Senate’s Subcommittee on Veterans Affairs: “The Time is Now” to Fund Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Research
  • Transform Publishes a “Practical Guide” to Regulating Psychedelics
  • UK Government Responds to Drugs Committee’s Report
  • More Policy News

The next Issue will focus on psychedelic business news and analysis, from fundraising through to drug development milestones.

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