You are currently viewing Pα+ Psychedelic Bulletin #151: Psilocybin for BDII, ACNP Readouts, Methylone for PTSD, and More Psychedelic Drug Dev. News

Pα+ Psychedelic Bulletin #151: Psilocybin for BDII, ACNP Readouts, Methylone for PTSD, and More Psychedelic Drug Dev. News

The American College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ACNP) held its 62nd annual meeting in Florida from the 3rd – 6th of December. For the past few years, psychedelics and related molecules have featured prominently at the meeting, demonstrating interest from the broader field. Indeed, at the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology’s (ECNP) meeting in October, researchers including Friederike Holze and Natalie Gukasyan presented to a full house.

The buzz around ACNP is generated by posters, which often provide new data on drug candidates. While the abstracts of these posters are public, getting your hands on the posters themselves is often more tricky!

Given this confluence of ACNP and a number of significant psychedelic drug development milestones, we have again decided to make them the focus of this Bulletin (we did this in Bulletin 150, too). Our next Bulletin will cover broader psychedelics-related topics, including some policy-related developments.

Here, we look at everything from non-hallucinogenic psychoplastogens (Delix’s DLX-001, at least at doses tested in humans thus far) and short-acting psychedelics (Gilgamesh’s GM-2505, with a 60-90 min psychedelic experience) through to classic psychedelics (Compass’ and Clairvoyant’s  psilocybin candidates and MindMed’s LSD candidate) and empathogens (MAPS PBC’s MDMA-assisted therapy and Transcend’s methylone)

Featured content in this Issue:

  • MAPS PBC Files New Drug Application for MDMA-Assisted Therapy for PTSD
  • Compass-Sponsored Study of Psilocybin in Bipolar Type II Finds Preliminary Safety and Efficacy, Potentially Warranting Larger Trial
  • MindMed Shares Topline Results from LSD for Generalised Anxiety Disorder Study
  • Clairvoyant Therapeutics Provides Update on Ph 2b Psilocybin for Alcohol Use Disorder Trial
  • Delix Provides A First Look at DLX-001 Phase I Data
  • Intra-Cellular Therapies Presents Preclinical Data from Non-Hallucinogenic Psychedelics Program
  • Gilgamesh Wraps Phase I Trial of GM-2505
  • Cybin Provides Further CYB003 Data
  • Transcend Provides First Look at Phase 2 Methylone for PTSD Data

Companies, organisations and drug candidates mentioned in this Bulletin include: MAPS PBC, MDMA, Compass Pathways, COMP360, GH Research, GH001, MindMed, MM-120, Clairvoyant Therapeutics, Delix Therapeutics, DLX-001, DLX-007, Intra-Cellular Therapies, ITI 1549, Gilgamesh Pharmaceuticals, GM-2505, Cybin, CYB003, Transcend Therapeutics, Methylone, TSND-201.

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