You are currently viewing Pα+ Psychedelic Patent Analysis: A Mebufotenin Melee (Dec ’23 & Jan ’24)

Pα+ Psychedelic Patent Analysis: A Mebufotenin Melee (Dec ’23 & Jan ’24)

A Mebufotenin Melee: Exploring IP and Exclusivity in 5-MeO-DMT Drug Development Across GH Research and Beckley Psytech

In our latest Psychedelic Patent Analysis, we take a deep dive into recent patent-related developments at two companies that are both pursuing 5-MeO-DMT for treatment-resistant depression (TRD): GH Research and Beckley Psytech.

This case study raises questions not only about how these two specific companies’ IP might shake out, but also about how other types of exclusivity—such as data and market exclusivity—interact to generate a complicated competitive landscape for drug developers pursuing approvals for drug products that would be first-to-market.

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Interactive Psychedelic Patent Database: Dec ’23 – Jan ’24

We added 22 PCTs and 43 US patent applications focused on psychedelics to our tracker in the months of December 2023 and January 2024. New entries came from the likes of Alexander Shulgin Research Institute, Terran Biosciences, Osmind, CaaMTech, Cybin, Lobe Sciences, and more.

Pα+ subscribers can explore applications that were not only published or granted in these months, but also those that were allowed, abandoned, rejected, or even instances where applicants filed responses to final and non-final rejections from examiners.

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The Psychedelic Patent Analysis: A Pα+ Feature

Each month, we provide an interactive database of psychedelic patents that were granted, allowed, abandoned, rejected or that had responses filed.

Patent Analysis

We then provide detail and analysis on a handful of specific cases, or one deep dive.

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