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Pα+ Psychedelic Patent Analysis (November 2023)

We added 47 PCTs and 26 US patent applications focused on psychedelics to our tracker in the month of November 2023. New entries came from the likes of MindMed, DemeRx, CaaMTech, Mydecine, Enveric, atai, Cybin, and even Paul Stamets.

In November, we also began regularly tracking prosecution status updates for the 800+ US patent applications in our database. As a result, we are now able to provide you with a more granular look at the psychedelic intellectual property landscape as it evolves in the US.

Using the tables below, you can explore applications that were not only published or granted in November, but also those that were allowed, abandoned, rejected, or even instances where applicants filed responses to final and non-final rejections from examiners.

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The Psychedelic Patent Analysis: A Pα+ Feature

Each month, we provide an interactive database of psychedelic patents that were granted, allowed, abandoned, rejected or that had responses filed.

Patent Analysis

We then dive into two or three such actions, providing detail and analysis. This month we penned two commentaries:

  • Patent Filings Provide First Look at atai’s NCEs
  • Stamets Stacks Up Two New Allowances

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