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Psilera Expands Computational Chemistry Abilities with the Addition of Dr. Daniel N. Santiago

Dr. Santiago will lead the computational chemistry division responsible for the discovery of new therapies for the treatment of CNS disorders.

TAMPA, Fla., March 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Psilera, Inc. (“Psilera”) has named Daniel N. Santiago, Ph.D. as the Director and Head of their Computational Chemistry Department. Dr. Santiago’s appointment is vital to continuing the growth of Psilera’s machine learning and artificial intelligence drug discovery platform. This computational platform drives Psilera’s ability to improve upon known compounds to create targeted, next-generation central nervous system (CNS) drugs.

Dr. Santiago’s extensive background in computational chemistry, informatics, and machine learning will add significant new capabilities in the company’s mission to create safer and more effective CNS medications. His previous work at The Scripps Research Institute and Moffitt Cancer Center is bolstered by an extensive educational background with degrees in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, Mathematics, and a Ph.D. in Chemistry.

“The vision infused in Psilera’s mission provides opportunities to contribute to mental health while significantly progressing a sector in drug discovery that has been stagnant for decades. I look forward to leading the team in their computational chemistry development to create safer and more effective medications,” states Dr. Santiago.

To date, Psilera utilizes several leading software platforms (Schrodinger, Autodock, etc.) to virtually screen drugs and has also embarked on ground-breaking molecular dynamic simulations. Psilera’s method of leveraging real world evidence and experimental data has been biologically validated with their lead compound PSIL-002. These tools will help Psilera identify next-generation CNS drugs with reduced side effects and targeted efficacy towards mood, cognitive, and substance use disorders.

“We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Santiago to the team as his unique perspective can reshape the future of what drug discovery can achieve and his contagious enthusiasm energizes our team,” said Dr. Chris Witowski, Co-Founder and CEO of Psilera. “We’ve already made tremendous progress on our platform which allows us to greatly accelerate the drug discovery process and uncover promising leads to advance our pipeline.”

About Psilera Inc.

Psilera is a leading biotechnology company developing proprietary neuromodulators based on traditionally psychoactive compounds targeting mental health disorders. Psilera’s cutting edge proprietary data platform is being used to identify lead compounds with modified psychedelic and therapeutic effects in mood, cognitive, and substance use disorders. Psilera leverages a world-class scientific and pharmaceutical executive team to repurpose psychoactive natural products into effective and accessible patient-centric treatments.

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