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Psychedelic Bulletin #148 (Pα+)

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In this issue we take a closer look at Cybin’s deuterated psilocybin analog (CYB003) Phase 2 interim results, sharing our thoughts from the company’s conference call. We cover topics such as participant drop-outs, blinding, and comparisons to other (psychedelic) drug candidates.

We also cover a number of developments in the UK, including a forthcoming report on barriers to research with controlled drugs (including psychedelics) that might offer concrete suggestions to the Government.

Elsewhere, we look at how a spat between Meta and its Oversight Board provides insight into how the future of ketamine-related adverts might pan out, how an effort to reschedule psilocybin in the U.S. has been given a lifeline, and two forthcoming studies of psychedelics in romantic relationships.

This issue’s contents:

  • Notes from the Conference Call: Cybin’s Deuterated Psilocybin Analog Results
  • Federal Appeals Court Throws Lifeline to Psilocybin Rescheduling Effort
  • UK Report on Barriers to Research with Controlled Drugs Expected to Publish Soon
  • Meta Ignores its Oversight Board’s Suggestions Regarding Ketamine Ads
  • ‘Mushroom Pilot’ Case Sparks Soul-Searching
  • Leading UK Psychedelic Drug Policy Reform Group Rebrands, Founder Mired by Arrest
  • NIH to Establish and Fund a National Cannabis Research Centre
  • New NIDA Grant Opportunity for Psychedelics
  • Ethics Approval for Study of Psychedelics in Romantic Relationships
  • Other Headlines & Weekend Reads

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