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Psychedelic Bulletin: MindMed to List on Nasdaq; Atai IPO Unveiled; Champignon Brands Resumes Trading

Both MindMed and Atai Life Sciences look set to trade on the Nasdaq, presenting a trio of psychedelic companies on one of the world’s most prestigious stock exchanges.

MindMed today announced their application to uplist to the Nasdaq was a success. As such, the company expects to commence trading on Tuesday April 27th, under symbol MNMD. Atai’s preliminary prospectus also published this week, outlining a $100m planned IPO on the very same exchange.

Elsewhere, Champignon Brands stock resumed trading in Canada after two back-to-back Cease Trade Orders. We also include assorted observations from across the space this week.

Psychedelic Sector News

Nasdaq Fever: MindMed Secures Listing; Atai Plans IPO

In September 2020, MindMed announced their application to list on the Nasdaq. Speaking to Psilocybin Alpha, CEO and Co-founder JR Rahn explained his hopes that the move would give the company further access to U.S. capital markets, hot on the heels of COMPASS Pathways’ $146.6m IPO.

Today, the company announced the success of its application. As such, MindMed is expected to begin trading on the Nasdaq on Tuesday April 27th, 2021, under ticker symbol MNMD.

The Nasdaq news doesn’t stop there. This week Atai Life Sciences’ preliminary prospectus was filed, outlining a $100m IPO set to take place on the Nasdaq. The company has raised over $360m to date in private rounds. A date for the IPO is yet to be set. Read CNBC’s coverage here.

A number of smaller public companies in the space (many of which are micro- or nano-cap companies) have also announced plans to uplist to the Nasdaq. Silo Pharma, for example, announced ‘plans’ to uplist to the Nasdaq just this week.

SILO listed in January 2021 on the OTCQB. With a market cap of ~$20m and a stock price of ~$0.28, the company has a long way to go before meeting conventional criteria for a Nasdaq uplisting.

As such, it remains prudent to be realistic about any such ‘plans,’ and readers may wish to review Nasdaq’s own initial listing guide to understand the general set of hoops that must be jumped through before the exchange will entertain (up)listings.

Champignon Brands Resumes Trading

Champignon Brands, which has been subject to two back-to-back Cease Trade Orders (CTO) for the better part of a year, resumed trading today

The Toronto-based company has been scrutinized by regulators due to its failure to file a number of documents with the BC Securities Commission, including financial statements and business acquisition reports.

As a result of the ensuing CTO, a bevy of law firms have taken an interest, some of which have filed class-action lawsuits to “recover damages … for alleged violations of federal securities laws.” 

While these lawsuits aren’t uncommon in such situations, this debacle should serve as a reminder to investors to exercise diligence when evaluating small/micro/nano-cap public companies, in particular.

Revive’s Flimsy Film Results

Revive Therapeutics announced “successful research results for Oral Thin Film Psilocybin” this week. 

The research at hand was to determine whether psilocybin could be incorporated into an oral thin-film that released the psilocybin upon dissolution in water; a feasibility study of sorts. The answer was yes. The research demonstrated the product dissolved in water with doses between 1mg to 20mg.

Readers shouldn’t be surprised by this finding; i.e., that it is possible to incorporate psilocybin into a dissolvable thin film. While we make no judgment on the novelty of this specific chitosan-tannin hydrogel film product, a glance at our Psilocybin Patent tracker shows that Concept Matrix Solutions have a patent pending (US20210015738A1) for an oral dissolvable film containing psychedelic compounds such as psilocybin, psilocin, and baeocystin.

We also know that other companies in the space, such as Cybin, are working on orally dissolvable psilocybin film. Atai, in fact, has a strategic partnership with pharmaceutical film developer IntelGenx under which they acquired around a quarter of the company.

Other News

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Weekend Reading

Legalize Psychedelics? Have Your Say in Intelligence Squared Debate

Yesterday evening, Intelligence Squared aired a debate on whether psychedelics should be legalized. For the motion were Rick Doblin and Bia Labate; while Jeffrey Lieberman and Kevin Sabet were Against. Thus far, the online audience is decidedly in favour of legalization with >70% support.

Watch the debate, and have your say, on Intelligence Squared.


Op-ed: Psychedelics are transforming the way we understand depression and its treatment

In a follow-up to his incredibly popular Guardian opinion piece in June 2020, Robin Carhart-Harris has returned to the column to provide commentary on the NEJM psilocybin vs. SSRI study and developments in the space over the past year.

The most exciting aspect of this trial is a sense that we are on the verge of a paradigm shift in mental healthcare linked to an improved understanding of the origins of depression, and how we can most effectively treat it. In my view, this shift will take us away from an outdated and myopic “drug-alone” perspective that has dominated psychiatry for several decades, and towards a multi-level “biopsychosocial” model. This model sees the symptoms of depression as an adaptive response to adversity, with decipherable – albeit complex – psychosocial causes. Psychedelics can treat depression by activating powerful brain states that have evolved in humans to catalyse deep psychological change. When these “hyper-plastic” states are combined with a nurturing environmental context, defensive habits of mind and behaviour can undergo a healthy, potentially enduring revision.

Read the full piece here.

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