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Psychedelic Bulletin: UW-Madison Launches Psychedelic Master’s Program; COMPASS Granted 2 Patents

This week has brought further validation to psychedelic research and medicine, with the University of Wisconsin-Madison set to enroll its first cohort of students on a psychedelics-related Master’s Program in pharmaceutical sciences.

According to the University’s announcement:

The fully online program will equip graduates to be future leaders in the field of therapeutic development and deployment of psychedelics, entheogens, cannabinoids and other psychoactive substances. These sectors that are expected to grow by approximately 20 percent each year for the next decade, with market values around $100 billion by 2030.

2021 has seen significant investment in psychedelics research from prestigious educational institutions, and this new Master’s program from UW-Madison suggests that trend is set to continue. 

Psychedelic Sector News

COMPASS Pathways Granted 2 US Patents

This week COMPASS Pathways was issued a new U.S. patent, following up on another issued last week. COMPASS now has three granted patents in the U.S.

Like their first patent, granted in December 2019, the two newest patents cover COMPASS’ psilocybin “Polymorph A,” a particular crystalline structure of psilocybin characterized by certain X-ray diffraction peaks. The new patents claim this Polymorph A as an “oral dosage form” and claim “pharmaceutical compositions” including capsules and tablets.

In addition to COMPASS’ original patent, these new patents also have claims to treating Major Depressive Disorder (beyond just drug resistant depression), and claims to Polymorph A together with any “pharmaceutically acceptable excipient” (beyond just silicified microcrystalline cellulose). COMPASS announced the two patents on 23rd March, and our editor-at-large Graham Pechenik reported on them further on Twitter

Cybin Signs Drug Development Deal for Orally-Disintegrating Tablet Tech

Cybin has inked a deal with drug delivery technology provider Catalent, in order to apply their Zydis orally-disintegrating tablet technology to the delivery of Cybin’s novel tryptamine CYB003; which is being explored for treatment-resistant psychiatric disorders.

Zydis technology is used in a number of popular drugs, including Ativan, Claritin, and Imodium.

Financials, Financings and IPOs

It’s been a relatively quiet week in the space in general, and financial news was equally muted.

Psygen Announces RTO

Psygen looks set to become the latest psychedelics company to initiate go-public proceedings, having announced an RTO and brokered financing.

Mindset Pharma Announces $5m Bought Deal Offering

On Monday, Mindset announced a $5m bought deal offering of 6.67m units at a price of $0.75 per unit.

Mydecine Migrates to NEO Exchange

A point of information: Mydecine is now trading on the NEO Exchange.

Weekend Reading

The Promise of Psychedelic Science (Olson, 2021)

This short editorial, which appears in ACS Pharmacology and Translational Science’s special edition on psychedelics, serves as a reminder of the truly interdisciplinary nature of psychedelic science and research. The article covers, among other topics:

  • Structure-activity relationship studies
  • Psychoplastogenic effects
  • Anti-inflammatory effects
  • Psychedelics and suicidality
  • Set and setting
  • Predictors of reactions to psychedelic therapy
  • Ethical concerns

… and more.

You can read the full piece, which is Open Access, here: 

Olson, D. E. (2021). The Promise of Psychedelic Science. ACS Pharmacology & Translational Science.

UW–Madison Launches Master’s Program in Psychoactive Pharmaceutical Investigation

University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Pharmacy is set to enroll its first cohort of students on a psychedelics-related Master’s program this fall: MS in Pharmaceutical Sciences: Psychoactive Pharmaceutical Investigation

With a curriculum that connects chemistry and culture, equity and ethnobotany, and phenomenology and pharmacokinetics, the MS in Pharmaceutical Sciences: Psychoactive Pharmaceutical Investigation will deliver robust scientific training alongside critical humanities content. This approach is designed to prepare learners for the complex landscape surrounding development and application of these innovative therapies with the potential to treat anxiety, depression, PTSD and other psychiatric illnesses.

NBC Los Angeles: Adding a Cinematic Twist to ‘Magic Mushrooms’ as Medical Treatment

NBC LA covered an intriguing new clinical trial that is seeking to investigate whether the co-administration of nature films with psychedelic-assisted therapy could augment the treatment of alcohol addiction.

Filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg, who created the popular 2019 documentary Fantastic Fungi, provided the footage for the trial.

The hypothesis is that appropriate video can enhance or “prime” the psilocybin-induced “mystical experience,” which previous research has indicated can be effective for patients who desire to resolve psychological challenges.

Is tripping with a therapist the next big thing In mental health?

Business Insider’s Amelia Harnish takes a look at ketamine-assisted therapy, with a particular focus on Mindbloom’s at-home, and Field Trip’s on-site, ketamine treatments.

Charles S. Grob notes, however, presents a more sober analysis, suggesting ketamine’s benefits to those suffering from depression may be short-lasting.

It seems to induce a one to 2 week alleviation of depression… The issue is, the depression returns.” 

Stay Informed in 2021

We can only expect the rate of change and development in the psychedelic space to continue accelerating in 2021. Stay informed via our various platforms and channels…

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