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A monthly review of the most important psychedelics research.

Psychedelic Research Bulletin: June 2023

Psychedelic Mechanisms of Action Two studies in mice are changing how we think about how psychedelics work. The first comes from Gul Dölen’s lab and shows how

Psychedelic Research Bulletin: May 2023

Comparing psychedelics Talk to any psychonaut and they will tell you there are (significant) differences between LSD, psilocybin, and mescaline. Look at brain scans and

Psychedelic Research Bulletin: March 2023

March reflected the blossoming of psychedelic research with 23 new articles covered. In this recap, we reflect on the new microdosing study, detailed brain measures

Psychedelic Research Bulletin: February 2023

February presented another productive month for psychedelic research. This recap of the 21 most exciting articles covers intracellular neuroplasticity, brain measures, outcomes from psychedelic-assisted therapy

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