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A monthly review of the most important psychedelics research.

Psychedelic Research Bulletin: November 2022

Throughout November, we gained some fascinating new insights into the potential of psychedelic medicine as researchers from some of the world’s leading institutions published their

Psychedelic Research Bulletin: October 2022

October was a relatively quiet month for psychedelic research. Nonetheless, we still gained some valuable new insights into the world of psychedelics. Natural language processing

Psychedelic Research Bulletin: September 2022

September was an exciting month for many psychedelic researchers. Over the past month, we gained some positive insights into the effectiveness of ketamine infusions and esketamine using real-world data

Psychedelic Research Bulletin: June 2022

Summer is officially here, and psychedelic researchers are continuing their efforts to turn these medicines into viable therapy options. Despite relatively few clinical trials published

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