Trying to work out where you can buy shroom stocks? We created this page to provide information on which brokerages offer stocks in popular public psychedelic-related companies like MindMed and Compass Pathways.

Summary Table

The below table shows the most prominent options for the shroom stocks we are most frequently asked about, for regions such as the US and Europe (including the UK).

The brokers are just indicative examples, other popular options include Fidelity and Charles Schwab.

TD Ameritrade Interactive Brokers E-Trade DEGIRO
Main countries/regions served US FLAG PA USA (full list) WORLWIDE FLAG PA Worldwide (full list) US FLAG PA USA EU FLAG PA Europe (inc. UK)
Champignon Brands SHRMF SHRM, SHRMF (PINK), 496 (FWB) SHRMF 496 (FWB)
Revive Therapeutics RVVTF RVV, RVVTF (PINK) RVVTF -
Mydecine Innovations Group MYCOF MYCO MYCOF 0NFA (FWB)

Note: FWB = Börse Frankfurt

Buy Shroom Stocks in the US

Most psychedelic stocks are listed on Canadian exchanges, but are available via US over-the-counter (OTC) markets appearing under slightly different ticker symbols.

For example, MindMed trades under MMED on the NEO exchange, based in Canada. On the US OTC market, MindMed trades under the MMEDF ticker.

You can see from the summary table above that both TD Ameritrade and E-Trade allow you to purchase shroom stocks from the United States. In addition, other brokers such as Charles Schwab and Fidelity offer trading of these stocks, often commission-free.

If you would like to trade on Canadian or German exchanges, you can do so via a platform such as Interactive Brokers, which also serves the US. You can also contact the trading desk at your investment provider, who may be able to place a trade on a foreign exchange.

Some psychedelics companies are hoping to uplist to the NASDAQ, including MindMed. This would greatly increase access to investors, especially those in the US.

Can you Buy Shroom Stocks on Robinhood?

Most shroom stocks can not be traded via Robinhood, due to the fact that the platform doesn’t offer OTC stocks. The exception is COMPASS Pathways, which is listed on the NASDAQ and, as such, is eligible for trading on Robinhood.

Buy Shroom Stocks in the UK & Europe

European and British investors often ask us how to buy psychedelic stocks, as many of the online resources surrounding the sector focus on the North American financial landscape. But, don’t fret: there are multiple ways to access shroom stocks from Europe.

Of the options we summarise above, Interactive Brokers offers the most complete portfolio of shroom stocks. Investors can often buy stocks from Canadian stock exchanges, or purchase the US (OTC) or Frankfurt-based (FWB) alternative listings. This offers an excellent selection for British and European traders.

A second option is DEGIRO, which serves just under 20 European countries including the UK. They don’t have a complete suite of shroom stocks, however; and those that you do purchase will generally be via Börse Frankfurt (FWB).

Other brokers exist (such as the German service, TradeRepublic), but many do not offer a particularly extensive selection of shroom stocks.

Buy Shroom Stocks in Canada

If you are based in Canada, you can purchase shroom stocks listed on Canadian exchanges like CSE, NEO, and TSXV with very little friction.

As such, Canadians don’t tend to have any issues accessing shroom stocks, as all of the popular psychedelic companies are listed on Canadian stock exchanges.

If you are having trouble accessing shroom stocks from Canada, get in touch and we will add to our guidance.

Shroom Stock Tickers Explained

You may have noticed shroom stocks appearing under different tickers, such as MindMed which can be quoted as MMED, MMEDF, or BGHM.

This is because the stocks are listed on different exchanges, and each exchange assigns a unique ticker. In the example of MindMed:

  • MMED is listed on the NEO stock exchange (Canada)
  • MMEDF is listed on an OTC market (United States)
  • BGHM is listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange (Germany)

Listing on stock exchanges in Canada, the United States, and Europe increases accessibility to a worldwide investor base. If you look at the summary table above, you will see that US brokerages generally offer OTC offerings (with tickers ending in F), while European brokerages like DEGIRO tend to offer Frankfurt-listed stocks.

Some brokerages don’t allow access to penny stocks, which may prohibit you from investing in a number of psychedelics stocks.

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