Psychedelic Sector Overview

Opening Remarks

This overview seeks to map out the rapidly expanding psychedelic sector landscape via a focus on different stages of the value chain, and a variety of specialisms. Clicking on a company logo will present a brief summary of the company’s activity.

This page is updated frequently, with companies being added as-and-when they exhibit substantial activity in a given segment. Your comments and suggestions are welcome and can be directed to

Important: for simplicity of presentation, we have categorised companies according to their primary value chain location. Of course, many companies operate across various categories: especially platform companies like atai Life Sciences. If you’re interested in accessing our proprietary dataset—which includes ancillary value chain locations and drug development information for the companies listed below, as well as others—please contact us.

Industry Segments

Drug Discovery & Development

Companies engaged in drug discovery (identifying suitable molecules that have therapeutic potential for improving certain diseases) and/or development (the process of bringing a new drug to market).

Public Companies

ATAI Life Sciences Logo
Compass Pathways logo colour
MindMed Logo
Bright Minds Biosciences
Mydecine Innovations logo
Revive Therapeutics Logo
GH Research
Seelos Therapeutics
Reunion Logo Black
Lobe Sciences Logo
Nova Mentis logo
Algernon Pharmaceuticals
BetterLife Pharma
Mindset Pharma Logo
Enveric Biosciences
Entheon Biomedical Logo
Clearmind Medicine
MYND Life Sciences
Tryp Therapeutics
Wesana Health
Silo Pharma Logo
Emyria Logo
Pharmadrug Logo

Private Companies

Beckley Psytech Logo
Delix Therapeutics
Gilgamesh Pharmaceuticals logo
Bexson Biomedical
Eleusis Logo
CaamTech Logo Colour
Empyrean Logo
Onsero Logo
Return Health
Psilera Bioscience
MiHKAL gmbh
Ceruvia Lifesciences
Psy Therapeutics
Journey Colab
Reset Pharma
Albert Labs
Mindstate Design
Alvarius Placeholder
Clerkenwell Health
Sacred Medicines
Freedom Biosciences

Manufacturing & Synthesis

Companies engaged in the manufacture of psychedelic drugs, via a variety of methods: from natural extraction through to chemical synthesis.

Public Companies

PsyBio Logo
Optimi Health
Filament Health invite

Private Companies

Psygen Labs Logo
CB Therapeutics logo
Octarine Bio Logo
Wake Network logo
Benuvia Logo
PsyRx Logo
PharmAla Biotech Logo

Treatment Clinics & Wellness Centres

Companies providing psychedelic-assisted therapies today, including some ketamine clinics who have clear ambitions to pivot toward psychedelics should they become legally prescribable.

Public Companies

Field Trip logo
Numinus logo
Awakn Life Sciences
Levitee Labs
Universal Ibogaine
Braxia Scientific


As with other categories, this representation is not exhuastive. There are many, many ketamine clinics, for example. We have only listed some of the most prominent publicly-traded companies here.

Private Companies

Beckley Retreats Logo

CPG & Adult Use

Companies marketing psychedelics-related consumer packaged goods (CPGs), or catering to the Adult Use market.

Public Companies

Red Light Holland logo
Psyched Wellness
Silo Wellness logo

Private Companies

Earth Resonance Logo

Adjunct Technologies

Companies developing adjunct technologies for the delivery of psychedelic-assisted therapies.

Private Companies

Maya Health
Homecoming Logo
Wavepaths Logo


As with other categories, this is by no means definitive. Comments are welcome at

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