You are currently viewing Field Trip Sponsors TheraPsil, a Non-Profit Advocating for Legal, Medically-Supervised, Psilocybin-assisted Psychotherapy

Field Trip Sponsors TheraPsil, a Non-Profit Advocating for Legal, Medically-Supervised, Psilocybin-assisted Psychotherapy

TORONTO, June 9, 2020 /CNW/ — Field Trip Psychedelics Inc. (“Field Trip“) is pleased to announce its sponsorship of TheraPsil (the “TheraPsil Coalition“), a British Columbia-based non-profit dedicated to facilitating legal access to psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy for terminally-ill Canadians suffering from end-of-life distress. 

Founded in 2019 and head-quartered in Victoria BC, the TheraPsil Coalition is composed of healthcare professionals, patients and advocates who are dedicated to providing legal access to psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy for Canadians in palliative care. TheraPsil’s mission is composed of four main pillars:

  • Compassionate Access: establishing safe, and legal access to psychedelic-assisted therapy for those in medical need; 
  • Public Education: increasing awareness of the merits and limitations of psychedelic-assisted therapy; 
  • Professional Training; developing safe, simple and effective protocols for credentialed health professionals to deliver psilocybin-assisted therapy, in collaboration with other active organizations; and, 
  • Research: facilitating research and evaluation in collaboration with Canadian and international partners.

“We are extremely excited and appreciative to receive support from Field Trip,” said Dr. Bruce Tobin, Founder of TheraPsil. “They share our evidence-based framework and patient-first values of combining psychedelic-therapy with personalized psychotherapy to help patients who need it most, and we applaud the work they are doing already in this regard. With this support from Field Trip, we will be able to continue our work to help patients experiencing end-of-life distress to live out the rest of their lives with dignity and reduced suffering.”

“There are few people who hold such a deep, meaningful and powerful vision for how psychedelic therapies can be applied to help human suffering more than Dr. Tobin and the team at TheraPsil. They have done remarkable work bringing a thoughtful conversation about the potential of psychedelic therapies to the forefront in Canada,” said Ronan Levy, Executive Chairman of Field Trip. “What we appreciate even more about Dr. Tobin is his unwavering commitment to seeing these therapies become available to Canadians, even if that means seeking to have access to psychedelic therapies recognized as a constitutionally protected right in Canada. It is a genuine honour to be able to support someone with such resolve and such compassion on such an important issue.”

About TheraPsil
TheraPsil is a non-profit coalition of Healthcare Professionals, patients and advocates that was formed in 2019, in order to change the laws regarding the use of medical psilocybin for terminally-ill patients who are experiencing end-of-life distress. TheraPsil’s mission is based on four pillars: Compassionate Access, Public Education, Professional Training, Research. For more information visit

About Field Trip
Field Trip is the world’s first mental wellness company at the forefront of the scientific re-emergence of psychedelics and psychedelic-enhanced therapies. With Field Trip Health centres opening across North America, and drug development and advanced research on plant-based psychedelics through Field Trip Discovery, we help people, from those in treatment to those seeking accelerated personal growth, with a simple, evidence-based way to heal and heighten engagement with the world. For more information visit

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