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Psilera Bioscience Announces Award-Winning Executive Team and Flagship Patent Milestone for Future Psychedelic Therapies

Psilera’s PhD co-founders and seasoned board members bring numerous accolades and patents from their research in natural product drug discovery and pharmaceuticals


Psilera Bioscience (“Psilera”), a Florida based biotechnology LLC specializing in the clinical development of psychedelics and analogues, announces its core executive team. The co-founders Drs. Jackie Salm and Chris Witowski have 20+ years combined experience in natural product drug discovery, novel formulations, and as distinguished researchers within the cannabis industry. They are joined by pharmaceutical and corporate leaders alongside an extensive network of scientific and medical advisors.

“Problems relating to mental health are a growing concern, and the hardships created by COVID-19 have only exacerbated issues with depression, anxiety, and substance abuse,” said Dr. Chris Witowski, CEO of Psilera. “Therapeutic innovations have stagnated in these areas while cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease also lack effective treatment options. We are only scratching the surface of the medical potential for psychedelics and Psilera’s model of compassion-driven science will enable groundbreaking research to provide new therapies for patients in need.”

Psilocybin, the psychoactive ingredient found in some mushroom species, acts on the serotonin system but unlike other antidepressants only a few doses are needed for long-term benefits. This finding will increase acceptance of psychotherapies, while their ability to disrupt preconditioned thinking and improve cognition will provide Psilera a significant clinical pipeline for future discoveries. Psilera has accelerated research and development efforts and submitted a provisional patent covering new chemical entities and delivery methods relating to psychedelics.

“Psilera was built with the common goal to create mindful medicine with inspirations from nature and a foundation of innovative science,” said Dr. Jackie Salm, CSO of Psilera. “Our goal is to pave the way for a new era in psychedelics research and truly recognize the potential of these compounds as medicines. This requires detailed assessment of structure activity relationships and novel ways of delivery. We hope to increase awareness and shift the paradigm to a place of knowledge rather than fear.”

About Psilera Bioscience

Psilera Bioscience is a psychedelic-based biotechnology company developing its proprietary neuromodulator pipeline to target cognitive, mood, and addiction disorders. Psilera leverages research strengths with executives from the pharmaceutical and cannabis industries to repurpose psychoactive natural products as building blocks for next generation therapies to improve mental health.

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