You are currently viewing Psychedelic Bulletin: Bizarre News from Across the Psychedelics Space (April 1, 2022)

Psychedelic Bulletin: Bizarre News from Across the Psychedelics Space (April 1, 2022)

This Week:

  • 📰 Bizarre news from across the psychedelics space
  • 📅 Happy April 1st!

Psychedelic Sector News

Psychedelic Biotech Doubles R&D Spend, Allowing It to Purchase JSTOR License and Four Conical Flasks to Backdrop Zoom Calls

A self-styled ‘psychedelic biotech’ has doubled its R&D spend this Quarter, announcing a partnership with JSTOR. Upon further investigation, it appears the company has subscribed to JSTOR’s $19.50/month plan, and purchased four conical flasks.

Speaking exclusively to Psilocybin Alpha, the company’s Chief Marketing Officer conveyed his excitement for this ambitious leap in spending. They noted, “we are excited to place these conical flasks on a shelf behind our desks which, when containing a solution of H2O and food dye, will exude chemistry vibes while we host investor Zoom meetings.”

U.S. Patent Examiner Who Granted 88% of Patent Applications Found with DMT Vapes Splayed Across Desk

A U.S. Patent examiner who has granted 88% of patents that reached his desk in the past 3 years has been found to be vaping DMT on the job.

The revelation appears to explain why the examiner was considered to be the ‘easiest’ in his area of specialism, despite copious amounts of prior art existing for subject matter on which he has allowed patents to be issued.

Other stories you may have missed this week:

  • In Shock Move, Leading Psychedelics Company Launches ‘Moral Compass’ Patent Pool
  • Mindset Pharma Returns Otsuka Money, Launches DAO Instead
  • Delix Therapeutics Gives up on Psychoplastogens Citing Increasing Pressure from Anti-plastics Campaigners
  • MindMed Reaches Agreement with Cybin: Former Will Have Deepak Chopra on Weekdays, the Latter on Weekends
  • Diamond Therapeutics Scraps Low-dose Strategy after CSO Tries Shrooms for First Time
  • This Slaps! Chris Rock Launches Line of Psilocybin-laced Gummies
  • Secretive Founder Reveals the True Meaning of the Name “CaaMtech”, Concurrently Announces Partnership with Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia
  • Company Commences Phase 3 of Announcing Its Phase 1 DMT Trial
  • Oregon Psilocybin Advisory Board Bolts Chair to the Ground to Prevent Future Removals
  • New Study on Non-religious Evangelism Pits Vegans Head-to-head with Microdosers

And, updates from Psilocybin Alpha:

  • We’re Launching a Line of Fine British Menswear, Including Tailcoats (the Turkey Tail™), Purchased via NFT
  • Coming Soon: Psychedelic New Chemical Entity (NCE) Patent Tracker: We’re Starting a DAO to Crowdfund Costs Associated with Web Hosting this Enormous Database
  • Ark’s Cathie Wood Adds Psilocybin Alpha to ETF Holdings

Happy April Fool’s Day.

Here’s the ‘real’ news this week. Luckily, you’re not missing much by reading our satirical news section above. Aside from some financials from atai, MindMed and Mydecine, there’s not much to report:

See more on our News page.

Weekend Reading

Okay, Now That’s Not Funny

Psilocybin Alpha readers are expecting many more public psychedelics companies to cease trading by the end of 2022:

  • 39% expect up to 9 companies to fold, while 37% expect between 10 and 19.
  • A particularly pessimistic 14% of you expect over 20 of the ~50 public psychedelics companies to give up the ghost by the end of the year. Ouch!

Next Week: What Are You Working On?

Last week, we asked you (via the newsletter and Josh’s Linkedin post) about the psychedelics-related projects you’re working on. 

The response was fantastic, with tens of thousands of views and many, many projects cited.

Next week our Bulletin (which will be coming to you from Malta) will be a special issue that features a number of these projects.

Feel free to contact us in the meantime if you would like to propose a project that hasn’t already been mentioned.

New York Times: The Next Big Addiction Treatment

Several psychedelic drugs are touted as effective treatments for drug and alcohol abuse. But psilocybin combined with therapy is emerging as the most effective.

Published yesterday in the NY Times.

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